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What is evergreen content?

Evergreen Content
Figure: Evergreen Content - Author: Seobility - License: CC BY-SA 4.0

In marketing and SEO, evergreen content is content that stays relevant for a long period of time. Evergreen content can be created in any niche and usually refers to the broader, often basic topics that aren’t affected by trends or news. As an example, all pages here on our wiki are classed as evergreen content, since the terms we cover continue to have the same meaning regardless of trends, seasonality, or news.

Although commonly used to refer to evergreen blog posts, evergreen content can also be produced in video format or audio format, for example, and isn’t strictly limited to blog posts.

Although evergreen content can be produced in any industry or niche, certain industries are labeled evergreen too. For example, health or fitness are classed as evergreen industries. Although the trends within these industries change, the broader topic of, for example, weight loss, stays relevant no matter what the trends are. It can be important to distinguish between the two since you don’t have to be in an evergreen industry to create evergreen content for your blog or social media channel.

When is content considered evergreen?

Content is considered evergreen if it will be relevant well into the future. Although it’s likely that even evergreen content may need updating every now and then, the main topic should stay relevant. Examples of evergreen content are the pages on Wikipedia and basic cooking tutorials.

Content on news sites and social media sites is generally not considered evergreen. Since news is very time focused, it may not be relevant after a few weeks, a few days, or even hours. Both forms of content can be important parts of your content marketing strategy and work best when there’s a balance between the two.

Common forms of evergreen content

Evergreen content comes in many different forms and can be created in different formats, like videos or blog posts. It can also be created around your own products. Some other examples of evergreen content are:

  • Pillar pages
  • Case studies
  • Glossaries
  • FAQ pages
  • Instruction manuals
  • How-to posts/videos
  • Wiki posts/pages
  • Product reviews

Evergreen content example

An example of evergreen content on our Seobility Wiki page

The importance for SEO

Evergreen content can be very beneficial for SEO because it can continue to rank well in the search engines for a long time. This increases the amount of traffic a webpage drives and helps you generate more consistent results. This means you can spend a lot more time optimizing the pages since they will stay relevant for longer.

Although important for other websites too, evergreen content is very important when growing a blog, as well as ranking YouTube videos. Finding evergreen topics to create content about within your industry is an important part of the keyword research process.

Evergreen content also has an important place in your overall content marketing strategy, since it is content that stays relevant and can be repurposed regularly in other media formats. In turn, this content is great for demonstrating thought leadership, expertise, and authority within your industry and can be used in video marketing, social media marketing, and various other marketing disciplines.

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