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For an easy and quick analysis of your website

Seobility's free SEO tools help you optimize your website for search engines, allowing you to conduct a quick and easy analysis without registration. Use our SEO tools to analyze your website, identify weaknesses and optimize it for search engines. From technical analysis tools like the SEO Checker or Redirect Checker to content-focused tools like the TF*IDF Tool or Keyword Research Tool, our tools cover a wide range of applications!

SEO Checker

The SEO Checker is a free tool from Seobility that analyzes a page for technical errors and on-page optimization issues. You can use it to check whether a specific page meets the relevant criteria for a good ranking on Google and other search engines. You will receive a clear list of the problems found and the optimization potential of your site in terms of meta information, page quality, page and heading structure, external and internal links, and much more. This allows you to perform an in-depth SEO analysis for each page of your site.

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SEO Checker from Seobility

Keyword Checker

The Keyword Checker analyzes how well your page is optimized for a specific keyword or combination of keywords. You can use the Keyword Checker to optimize your website for the keywords that are most relevant to your business and thus achieve a better ranking in search engines. Optimizing for keywords and topics is one of the most important tasks when optimizing your website. Not only will the search engines reward you with better rankings, but your visitors will also have a much easier time finding the information they are looking for.

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Keyword Checker from Seobility

Google Ranking Checker

Want to know where your website ranks in search engines for a specific keyword? Seobility's Ranking Checker allows you to quickly and easily see where you are ranking for any keyword. Just select the desired country and optionally a city for local searches and you will receive the top 100 search results for both desktop and mobile searches.

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Ranking Checker from Seobility

SEO Compare

With the SEO Compare tool, you can compare the keyword optimization of two pages and analyze the specific differences in terms of on-page optimization in detail! This allows you to identify potential advantages of your competitors and adjust your own optimization accordingly to help you rank higher in the future.

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SEO comparison of two pages with Seobility

Backlink Checker

Backlinks are still one of the most important factors for a good search engine ranking. Seobility's free Backlink Checker gives you a detailed overview of your website's backlinks, either for a specific subpage or for your entire domain. You can also use this tool to analyze the backlinks of your competitors to get ideas for your own link building.

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Backlink Checker from Seobility

Redirect Checker

The free Redirect Checker verifies that your website redirects correctly to a uniform URL version (with or without "www" in the URL, or to "http" vs. "https"). If there are errors here, this can lead to duplicate content problems on your site, which can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. The tool also generates the necessary code for Apache and NGINX servers to set up correct redirects.

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Redirect Checker from Seobility

SERP Snippet Generator

Analyze any URL with Seobility's free SERP Snippet Generator to find out how it appears in Google's search results. If your meta title or meta description exceeds the recommended length in pixels, you will receive a warning here. You can adjust and optimize both elements directly in the tool until they reach the recommended length to achieve an optimal display of your website in the search results.

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SERP Snippet Generator from Seobility


The TF*IDF tool helps you optimize your text content for search engines. It checks which important terms are frequently used on the top-ranking pages for your target keyword. Based on this, you will receive recommendations on which terms you should use more or less frequently in your texts in order to achieve an optimal term weighting according to the TF*IDF formula. With the integrated text editor, you can edit your content directly in the tool and watch how the recommendations are automatically updated!

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TF*IDF Tool from Seobility

Keyword Research Tool

Looking for new content ideas for your website? With Seobility's free Keyword Research Tool, you can find out what your target audience is searching for on Google and develop ideas for new website content. For each keyword, you can see how often it is searched per month, which pages currently rank in the top 10, how many backlinks they have, etc. This allows you to better assess your chances of success for that keyword and spend your resources wisely.

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Keyword Research Tool from Seobility

Overview of Seobility plans

Our free SEO tools give you a quick overview of your website's optimization and status. For more comprehensive and long-term optimization, we recommend that you sign up for our All-in-One SEO Software Seobility. It allows you to automatically analyze not just one page, but your entire website, checking it for over 300 criteria such as duplicate page titles, pages with typos, duplicate content or problematic response times. You can also use Seobility to monitor your site's SEO success and keep an eye on your rankings for your most important keywords. In addition, the Backlink Monitoring feature automatically checks your website's backlinks, so you always have an overview of new and lost backlinks.

Basic plan

Permanently free Sign up for free now
  • 1 project/domain included
  • 1,000 sub-pages per project
  • 10 keywords for rank tracking
  • Backlink analysis & link building tools
  • PDF reports with logo and much more

Premium plan

Monthly contract, no cancelation period Start your 14 Day Free Trial
  • 3 projects/domains included
  • 25,000 sub-pages per project
  • 300 keywords for rank tracking
  • Backlink analysis & link building tools
  • PDF reports with logo and much more

If you have any questions about Seobility or about our plans and pricing please contact us at
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