Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Seobility work?
Seobility crawls your website and analyzes it for errors and potential optimizations. After you have created a project, our crawler visits your website and follows the links on your pages like a search engine robot does. The results of the crawling are presented in more than one hundred tests, divided into the areas of technology, site structure and content. After fixing errors on your pages, you can track the change in the optimization after a new crawling is done. With the help of continuous crawling you also will be informed when new errors occur on your site.
Who is Seobility suitable for?
Unlike some other SEO tools you do not need to be an expert to use Seobility in a profitable way. With our sophisticated tests, we provide you exactly with the problems that occur on your site and which you should tackle and solve for a better search engine optimization. A basic understanding of HTML and web technologies is of course beneficial.
What types of websites can be tested?
In general Seobility can process all types of sites, whether it's an online shop, blog or news site. Seobility was developed to analyze websites with lots of sub pages, thus it only makes sense if your website also consists some sub pages. For "one-pager" or websites that consist only of Flash, you will not get optimal results.

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