Frequently Asked Questions

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How often are search results retrieved?
The search results for each monitored search term are retrieved on a daily basis for desktop and every three days for mobile rankings. Thereby changes in the search results are visible very quickly and you are able to respond to important changes at once.
How is the visibility trend calculated?

In order to observe the projects trend of rankings in search engines, a visibility trend based on the monitored search terms is calculated. The following aspects are important for this value:

  • Rankings of the domain in the top 100 search results
  • Monthly search volume of the monitored search terms
  • Other monitoring settings such as city location / local information

Each ranking contributes a certain amount of points to the whole visibility value of a project. Decisive in this point is of course the websites position, which indicates the click-through-rate, the probability a visitor clicks the websites search snippet, and how often a search term is looked up for by search engine users (search volume).

The restriction of the ranking monitoring through a city localization reduces the search volume counted proportionally for the ranking. In addition it should be considered that the change in the observed search terms greatly affects the visibility trend. By adding new search terms later, the visibility value will inevitably increase, if there are rankings for the newly added search terms. Conversely, the visibility trend decreases, if search terms of the project with existing rankings are removed.

Is it also possible to monitor mobile search results for smartphones?
We automatically monitor search results for desktop computers and mobile devices such as smartphones. You do not have to create any additional monitoring job. Within the ranking monitoring dashboards you can easily switch between desktop and mobile ranking data and compare the visibility trend of your website between both.

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