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Keeping an eye on your website rankings

To ensure the long-term success of your site with search engines, it is necessary to constantly monitor rankings with regard to key search terms. Seobility combines on-page analysis of your website with the monitoring and evaluation of your ranking in search engines such as Google. You aren’t just kept up-to-date on the rankings of your website, you are also shown concrete examples of optimisation potential so that you can improve specific rankings. Seobility also allows you to automatically monitor the rankings of mobile search engines. All analyses, evaluations and reports are available for both desktop and mobile search results, and also include the rankings of your competitors.

React quickly to changes in search results and rework your website’s SEO to ensure that you achieve the best rankings and leave your competitors behind!

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Ranking Dashboard –
ranking at a glance

The Seobility Ranking Dashboard offers you all the most important information about your website’s ranking at a glance. An individual visibility value is calculated, indicating how well your site can be found regarding your specified search terms. A change in the visibility value informs you whether your ranking is improving or climbing down. All search terms are also listed individually and can be filtered and sorted according to changes, positions, new contenders, etc.. Since search terms aren’t all equally important, all reports also take into consideration the search volume, i.e. the number of searches in a month for a specific search term.

Keyword monitoring and on-page analysis combined

Keyword monitoring and on-page analysis combined

Unlike other keyword monitoring tools, Seobility also takes on-page website crawling data into consideration when evaluating ranking results. This makes it possible to provide you with concrete suggestions for optimisation which indicate how the individual ranking of a page can be improved for a particular search term. The distance between the page and the landing page, internal links to the page which includes the search term in its text, the occurrence of the search term on the page, in the title, in the headings and in media such as images, etc. - these are just a few of the analyses that can be performed on rankings, based on search terms and ranked pages. In addition, the search snippets themselves are also analysed and evaluated, to ensure that they are represented correctly in search results.

Intelligent cross-linking of data between on-page analysis and keyword monitoring completes the integration of the two modules in our SEO tool. The rankings and keywords of every individual URL are always clearly visible, and ranked URLs are also displayed for each keyword, further supplemented by - and combined with - data from on-page crawling.

Add new keywords with localization

Local search results for local businesses and shops

In addition to selecting the country and the search engine for which you want to monitor keyword rankings, you can also monitor and evaluate local searches at city-level. Owners of nationally or internationally active online shops naturally want them to come out at the top of the list in searches, regardless of the location where the search is made. On the other hand, it is especially important to local businesses that their ranking is high for the target group of the respective local catchment area. It is of little use to a hairdressing salon in New York that it is ranked at place 95 nationwide for the search term “hairdresser” if its website doesn’t appear in the first few results of a search for “hairdresser” by someone in New York City. Seobility allows you to constantly monitor exactly that, by assigning a country and a city to localise individual search terms.

Competitor comparison in Seobility's Keyword Monitoring

Competitors and detailed competitive comparison

Monitoring your own website’s ranking is key to ensuring sustained success with search engines. However, looking over the fence to see how your competitors are doing is also important, on the one hand as a benchmark to assess your own results, on the other to quickly discover the sites and content of new rivals. Thus valuable insights can be gained which can be used to your advantage when optimising your own website. Seobility helps you keep your eye on the competition, revealing unforeseen opportunities and niches which were previously occupied by your competitors alone.

E-Mail reporting and PDF export

You will receive regular weekly e-mail reports summarising the changes in your rankings, so you will always be informed about important changes in your rankings. All reports can also be exported in PDF or CSV format. Your own logo can also be added to PDF documents, in case you want to share reports and analyses with your customers or partners.

Features at a glance:

Keyword monitoring features are already included in user accounts and are not charged separately. The list below includes all the features and other key information on Seobility keyword monitoring:

  • Premium membership includes 300 keywords
  • Daily Top 100 desktop ranking updates, mobile ranking updates every 3 days
  • Automatic review of desktop and mobile rankings *
  • Supported search engines: Google (US, UK, DE, AT, CH, FR, IT, ES, NL, BE, DK, PT, PL, RU,...)
  • Local search results (city-based) *
  • Search volume, average CPC and competition per keyword
  • Monitoring of up to 20 competitors (domains)
  • On-page and search snippet analysis of all ranking URLs
  • Suggestions for improved keyword optimisation
  • Weekly ranking report by e-mail
  • PDF and CSV exports of ranking data, analyses, etc. *

* Features marked with an asterisk are only available to Premium members. Normal members receive 10 keywords and 3 competitors free of charge.

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